477. Fatcat Ice Cream Bar

Fatcat, an icecream bar in the heartland that serves plated desserts at pocket friendly price. Being located at Bedok, it wasn’t the most accessible for me but the shop was just across the road from National Library so locating the place wasn’t difficult. The first time I was there with the friend, it was 5pm and everything was sold out. Their plated desserts were sold out, coffee was sold out (how amazing) and waffles were sold out. We have to wait till 6pm before their waffles are ready so since we made our way down specially to try, we decided to just stay for that extra hour. And armed with the resolve to try their plated desserts, we came back again the next week. It was 1.15pm, the mojito sphere and charcoal waffle were sold out (They opened at 12pm). Ha, I seriously cannot believe it.

An unassuming black shopfront. They should have a few toy cats as mascot #justsaying

The place is really tiny, but very crowded as well. Both times I went, it was packed

Hot Chocolate

Their hot chocolate was a little bland, and had more proportion of milk than chocolate

Latte and Amuse Broche

Since I didn’t get to try the coffee the first time round, I ordered their latte to try. I like their coffee. It was well bodied and smooth and easy to drink

Raspberry Foam and Grana Padano Chip or otherwise known as Parmesan Cheese Dip

I thought it was quite interesting to have a pre-dessert, to our dessert. We were really eating foam, infused with strong raspberry flavour. There were small pieces of ice in it so you get to suck and eat them together. I don’t really understand how the chips come into the picture though. It was confusing

Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake

It was plated so beautifully we took quite awhile before we started eating cos we were just busy taking photos. haha I think they have captured the essence of the strawberry cheesecake well, so it was a delight to feast upon this plate of beautiful dessert

Banana Nutella

There was no pre-dessert to this. The bananas were done 2 ways. The half-sliced was a little caramelised and loaded with nutella powder while the round cut was really sour. I was in for a treat when I tried it and the sourness just hit me. This dessert in comparison was a little normal, though they tried to play it with the different flavours

Gourmet Waffle w Hay & Honey and Smoked Chocolate Hazelnut

It was charcoal-infused waffle, which honestly was just black waffle. I think what stands out was the salted egg dip which goes surprisingly well with the waffle.

They probably change their plated desserts every now and then so whatever you see here might not be on the menu when you visit. But in anycase for those who are interested to give Fatcat a try, go at 12pm in order not to get disappointed. Or better still, just queue outside even before the shop opens. I guess when they say only limited quantities are available, they are not kidding (not sure if this is a marketing technique as well)

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar

Block 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 S(460416)


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