467. Long Beach King

Starting the first food review with some yummy zi char! We have a list of seafood restaurants to choose from since the friend wanted to have crabs, and decided to try Long Beach since I have never tried them before. Chose the one at Mountbatten since it was the most centralised and relatively easier to access. The restaurant was pretty empty when we reached but by dinner time, the whole place was filled with hungry diners.

Fried YuTiao

The fried yutiao had an over fried taste which was a little bitter and thus disappointing

House Specialty Garlic Prawns

The garlic really gave a good fragrant to the deep fried prawns, which somehow reminds me of cereal prawns where you can just eat with the shell

White Cabbage with Enoki Mushrooms

This pot of vegetables though look seemingly normal but tasted very home cooked

White Pepper Crab

I think the white pepper crab gotta be my favourite of the lot. The crabs were infused with the aroma of the white pepper and the meat was succulent, fresh and sweet

Chilli Crab

The fried mantous here are the huge ones. Though I definitely prefer the smaller mantous as they will not be as filling and you can pop them into your mouth infinitely

I’m quite amazed they actually bother to stack the crabs nicely for every crab dish, every table no less

Creamy Crab

I ordered creamy crab, but when this came we were momentarily confused if this was salted egg yolk crab. And after eating them, it actually tasted more like salted egg yolk than creamy. I didn’t really like this. Perhaps I will just stick with white and black pepper next time

Durian Pudding

Which had durian meat and tasted like you are eating a durian. Pretty good I must say

The crabs here were good, fresh and sweet. But I thought out of the three crabs we ordered, I probably will come back for their white pepper crab. I still think No Signboard has one of the better chilli crabs around and creamy crab definitely goes to Melben

Long Beach King

220 Stadium Boulevard S(397803)

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