468. Artistry Cafe

Artistry cafe is a small cafe located near Arab Street and one that doesn’t take reservations. Despite that there were still many people who patronise the cafe and can get really crowded at some point in time. They only had one long table where everyone dines the communal way. Coffee are from Liberty Coffee, pies from Windowsille Pies and food is a fusion of local dishes

Flat White


The coffee body had a medium blend which was smooth, nutty and had a velvety finish

Big Breakfast

The breakfast was nothing to rave about. It was interesting they serve cooked spinach (in garlic) instead of usual tossed salad, but I have to say it didn’t really work for me

Nasi Lemak Burger

Pandan infused buns, grilled chicken thigh, ikan billis and peanuts, fried egg that comes with a side of sambal chilli. A good take on the local nasi lemak rice. I thought the burger was quite good and probably something I won’t mind going back for

Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast

For people who are a fan of peanut butter, the french toasts had an absolute peanut butter taste. Though it might be too much to finish one plate on your own and the friend didn’t like the icecream

Though the food here is decent, I felt they lack something to stand out. And with the abundance of cafes in the Arab street area, Artistry Cafe will probably be the last cafe to come to my mind unless someone really wants to try their nasi lemak burger

Artistry Cafe

17 Jalan Pinang S(199149)

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