422. Pince and Pints

This place opened with so much hype it probably flooded my instagram even before it officially opened for business. It’s an adaptation of London’s Burgers & Lobsters or so that’s what everybody says. But since I’m not that fortunate to try the one in London, I just have to make do with this Singapore’s version. We reached at 4.50pm and there was already a queue. The restaurant has a no-reservation policy so everyone probably thought the same thing. We missed the first seating, but was lucky enough to get in at 5.45pm

Lobster crate inspired menu

Menu is simple. 3 dishes, all at $48 each

Drinks Menu

People in, out and everywhere else

500 Days of Summer

Honestly, this was a little strange. It was rather bitter in my opinion

Lychee Tea

I thought the drinks were nothing exceptional

Chili Lobster w Mini Mantous

We specially requested for the sauce to be spicier and boy, that turned out to be simply fabulous. The meat was succulent and fresh and the gravy was thick and consistent. We were scooping off the gravy and drinking it like that

Grilled Lobster

The grilled smell was evident. Pairing with the herbed butter sauce is optional. I thought the lobster tastes as good even without it.

Lobster Roll

We were very excited to try their famed lobster roll. And it was really good. The bread was (really) buttered, soft and warm. The portion of the lobster was so generous. It’s a must-order dish

Dinner was fantastic. Service was thoughtful. And V & F were there (for those that were curious). Food comes out at amazingly fast speed, which was good. And the lobster, undeniably fresh. Some may think $48 per dish might be a little expensive, but I thought it was worth it. It’s a place I won’t mind revisiting (if the wait is less than an hour). But I think that might be a little difficult now, I heard waiting time can range to 2 hours. But still for those interested, it’s worth a visit.

Pince and Pints

32-33 Duxton Road S(089497)

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