317. Aburiya

Located on the quieter end of Robertson quay, nearer to the side of Gallery hotel stood Aburiya, an unpretentious restaurant specialising in charcoal grilled meat. I love this place, though it’s kinda of inaccessible but the quality of meat here is really good. And when you see Japanese dining here as well, you know you can’t be wrong. The place is pretty small though, so please remember to make reservation before going.

Kimchi Jiggae

You didn’t read wrong. A Japanese restaurant serving Korean food. But the kimchi jiggae here wasn’t as sour. It was a little more spicier and concentrated. So awesome

Garlic Fried Rice w Beef and Egg

I can still remember the taste in my mouth. It was so good we ordered a second plate (or maybe we were just too hungry. haha)

Beef Tongue in Shio

It was a little too salty (but look at the marbling)

Wagyu Shortrib w Truffle Salt

My favourite ❤

Grill, then dip it w the truffle salt 🙂

Jo Karubi in Shio

The Jo Karubi here is probably one of the best ever

Pork Cheek

The way to eating this is to grill it till brown and when it’s about to be burnt

Pork Belly

When you thought the pork cheek is good, the pork belly is even better

Tenderloin w warm garlic butter dip

And this is how you die eating

Oil, fats, burnts.

It’s okay. You only live once.


60 Robertson Quay S(238252)

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  1. The beef and pork really looks yummy. Is it expensive?


    1. irisslove says:

      Hello 🙂 it’s about $50-$60 per pax with sake


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