316. The Book Cafe

Wanted to try Miharu but sadly it was closed for the day, so we decided to give The Book Cafe a try. It’s a pretty interesting place cos there were really lots of books and magazines for you to browse. What’s even more surprising was there were a lot of people having brunch on a weekday during (late) lunch. The food was generally good, but it was not the best, and portion was small. For the kind of price you are paying, I would say it’s kinda pricey.

I admire the person who hand wrote this board

Egg Benedicts

Pancakes with bacon and scrambled egg

The portion looks… sad 😦

Salmon noodle soup

Honestly, I wouldn’t make a trip down just for this place. Why visit TBC when Common Man Coffee Roasters is just round the corner? The latter definitely have better food and coffee.

The Book Cafe

20 Martin Road S(239070)