318. Ramen Champion (Bugis Plus)

I feel happy whenever I have the freedom to travel somewhere for lunch #perksofmyjob and so, this time we ended up at Ramen Champion. The place was pretty much dead at 1130am but we could use all the time we want to look through the menu and decide what to eat.

It’s a marche kinda style. You give them your card, and wait for the beeper to ring.

Okonomiyaki Gyoza

This was really awesome. I doubt it was enough for 4 of us. haha

Mendokoro Aoi – Tonkotsu Ramen

I decided to give the Tonkotsu ramen a try. And gosh, it was really good. Generally, I prefer my noodles to be thin. I know some people like the lormee kinda of ramen but I think it would be too filling for me. The broth was clear, sweet and not too oily (even though the picture says otherwise) haha but it’s really easy on the throat and you just can’t stop drinking. The chashu, cut rectangularly was tender and sweet. The only downside, is the egg. It’s not the runny kinda of egg yolk 😦

Tsujida Bario – Ajitama Ramen

The friend added too much garlic so it felt like I was drinking garlic soup. haha some people swear by this, cos it’s really value for money. Psst. This is the lormee ramen.

Gantetsu – Spicy Kimchi Miso Ramen

This is probably the most photogenic out of the lot. Using the lormee kinda of noodles and incorporating kimchi in it, it is ramen with a twist. You will definitely feel the spice after awhile, even though I still prefer my Tonkotsu ramen.

Definitely heading back to give other ramen a try.

Ramen Champion

201 Victoria Street Bugis+

#04-10 S(188067)

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