305. The Dispensary

Every now and then a new cafe pops up at Tiong Bahru it is seemingly getting more difficult to keep up. The new kid on the block named The Dispensary sure catches attention with its unique store front. Like an old medicinal shop, it retains some of its vintage interior and yet add some modern touches to the cafe. The place was surprisingly big and homely, so much you can just stay there all day.

Credits to Z too

The coffee was really bad, like please-don’t-do-a-second-take kinda bad.

The cakes which fare much better

Classic Cheesecake

Carrot Cake

Everyone’s favourite

Banana Chocolate

The banana chocolate was pretty interesting. The banana they used was the goreng pisang kind. It was not your usual chocolate banana mixed batter.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Fruit cake (on the house)

Pineapple tarts (on the house)

Every now and then the owners will come to our table and give us free snacks. We jokingly commented maybe we should just stay here all day, our dinner might be free too. Overall, I thought this place does serve decent cakes but it was not enough to warrant another visit. It’s the cos you are in the area and you-dont-mind-dropping-by kinda cafe.

Ending w a picture of the gang 🙂

The Dispensary

69 Tiong Bahru Road S(168723)

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