306. 2 Degree Ice Art

Heard about the 2 Degree Ice Art exhibition held next to Marina Bay Sands and decided to ask the friends along. The exhibition was quite an experience. It was like stepping into a big freezer and into another world. Though I must say, the exhibits were really pretty small.

Singapore flyer

Doesn’t really look like it right? It looks more like a ferris wheel in an amusement park

The fatter version of Sir Stamford Raffles

When the friends and I stared at the statue, we were like huh? This is Raffles?!

Raffles Hotel

Sultan Mosque

Mini version of the Eiffel Tower

Equally mini version of Big Ben

And the rest of the exhibits

The slide area which was so fun. We went up and down quite a few times till our toes were freezing and we couldn’t slide down anymore.

Basically, thats it. Since you have seen my pictures here, there’s no need for you to go anymore. haha I’m serious when I say thats it. What you see here is really what you gonna see there. Unless you wanna experience the -15 degrees temperature, you can just visit the Ice Bar where they share the same container as the exhibits. And you don’t need the ticket to enter.

The beer in ice mug

It’s so freaking cold in there I’m not even joking. We were trying all means to finish our ice cold beer. I think we gulped down in record time.

The best part after finishing was you get to smash the mugs against the wall

The 3 snowmen šŸ™‚

For those who are interested to visit, the exhibition will be here till May. Coats for the exhibits are rented at $5 each while the gloves are complimentary. You do not have to pay for the coats at Ice Bar but please bring your own gloves if you are intending to visit just the bar. Trust me, you will need it handy.

2 Degree Ice Art

Sheares link (Besides Marina Bay Hotel)

And then we were craving for some budae jjigae cos we wanted something nice and warm after the cold. Ended up at Manna Story since the downtown line could bring us there. Anyone that works at Raffles will know the abundance of Korean restaurants at Telok Ayer street. Chose Manna cos.. it was pouring and we didn’t want to walk any further. haha

Side dishes we wasted no time on

Mixed pancake

Budae Jjigae

So hungry. Manna Story doesn’t have the nicest budae jiggae but the rest of the dishes were pretty good. Maybe the other dishes are worth a try, though the prices here, I wouldn’t say they are reasonable. Probably why the shops here all thrive on lunch time crowd.

Manna Story

101 Telok Ayer Street S(068574)

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