307. SPRMRKT Cafe

This place has been around for quite some time, and I finally found time to give it a try. It was surprisingly crowded during lunch time since I wouldn’t expect a lot people to go there for brunch during lunch on weekdays. SPR.MRKT does sound a little like supermarket but it definitely isn’t anything like that. Though I have to say it’s kinda strange to open a brunch place at Amoy area.

Lemongrass drink and latte

Truffle fries

Probably the yummiest I’ve tried. It was drizzled with so much truffle oil, it is even better than Symmetry’s 😀

Eggs Benedict

Smoked Salmon w Spinach Omelette

Service was really, really slow and the brunch wasn’t fantastic, though it was definitely filling enough. I would go back for the fries and maybe to try their bread pudding but besides that, I think I rather give other cafes a try.


2 McCallum Street S(069043)

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