302. Petite Menu

This place is like a hidden gem. Fine dining at affordable prices, yet the quality of food wasn’t compromised. The place wasn’t crowded when we were there, probably since it’s a Monday but with food like this, I’ll not be surprised if crowd fills up its tiny place.

Lavender-scented Pumpkin Soup

For those who are not a fan of pumpkin soup, I encourage you to give it a try. The soup was full of flavours and so sweet you’ll probably fall in love with it on first mouthful.

Old School Curly Fries w BBQ sauce

It was honestly addictive, especially with the bbq sauce. And we were so shocked when our fries came.

In this huge serving!

Chicken Confit

I LOVE this to bits. The skin was so crispy and the meat was tender and very juicy. Though it might be a little salty for the general, but I could accept the saltiness. I thought it was a pretty good dish.

Ribeye Steak

The friend ordered this and I took a small bite of it. I would say it’s really value for money.

Blackforest Cake

They did it the deconstructed way. Pretty creative I think. Hazelnut soil, chocolate mousse, rum-infused cherries, grapes & caramel ice-cream. It would not taste anything like blackforest cake if you eat them separately. But if you take each component and place everything in your mouth, it really tastes like blackforest cake.  I was blown away.

The hazelnut soil came in a small pot/spade before the server pour it on the plate. Brownie points for creativity.

I would definitely go back when the chance arises, and anticipate what surprises would the other dishes bring 🙂

Petite Menu

Aqueen Lavender Hotel

139 Lavender Street, S(338739)

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