303. Yakinikutei Ao-Chan

Nestled among a quiet row of shops, you’ll never expect to find good Japanese grilled meat in here. That’s right, Yakinikutei Ao-Chan is definitely one place that surprises. Glad that I could visit this place after a disappointing visit at Ito-Kacho, I was more than ready to savour some good wagyu beef.

Wagyu Assorted

We went for the black wagyu beef from Japan and chose salt & pepper for all our meat. It was a good choice. I love how awesome the meat tasted without too much fuss.

Wagyu Special Karubi

This was sooo good! It was very tender and juicy (with all the fats and oil not to mention. haha) and the whole piece dissolves quickly in your mouth.

Ox Tongue Prime

A whole new level appreciation for ox tongue. This one tasted so much better than Ito-Kacho. Like what the friend said, you feel like you are kissing the cow šŸ˜‰

Negi Holmon

Or otherwise known as tripes. Well, I don’t really know how to appreciate this part of the cow so the friend finished the whole plate of it. haha

Special Cube Belly Prime

I think I especially love the cubes, in medium rare doneness. Imagine the sweet juiciness circling your mouth. Gosh, so awesome.

Belly Tender Prime

Honestly, I don’t really have much recollections of this dish. haha

Grill, meat, grill


Finished half of it, gone by the end of it. Though I have to admit, the sake was pretty good.

The name of the sake

I would definitely recommend this place if you are in town. The beef they have was really good and fresh, though you get the after bbq smell. But for the price you are paying and the quality you are having, it is probably one of the better ones you can get šŸ™‚

Yakinikutei Ao-Chan

Concorde Hotel, 100 Orchard Road S(238840)

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