301. A homely Christmas

So the second party I have is more homely and less elaboration. Every year the friends would come over to my place and spend Christmas together, so this year I decided to whip up a feast for them. Honestly, the setting feels like a wedding dinner kinda setting. hahaha effort much!

Pan Fried Salmon w Lemon Drizzled Asparagus

Potato & Chicken Stew

Aglio Olio w Mushrooms

Shepard’s pie

Devils’ egg

Japanese crab salad


haha I feel damn proud of myself after cooking everything 😉

Gift exchange time!

Happy birthday W!

I still can’t believe the friends ordered these for me. ohmygosh. hahaha the newest Hello Kitty – Circus of Life collection from Mcdonalds. Seriously, this thing is really recession proof. But then, it’s really quite cute isn’t it? hee

And my gift. I can die a happy girl now 🙂

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