300. Our Old Shanghai Xmas Party!

Happy New Year everyone!

2013 flew by. I’m not complaining though since I particularly think that 2013 was tough, just full of ups and downs, so much I was hoping the year to end. With a closure to a year, I certainly do hope that 2014 will be a better one, and of course wishing the same to everyone out there 🙂

And finally post #300! Feels like I’ve been blogging for a long time. So I shall dedicate this post to my Christmas party held last week. It is always a headache planning for this party, cos our theme just gets more difficult each year. Though I must admit everyone’s such a sport to come dressed in theme.

Credits to Z too

Our room! We managed to get a better room this year, courtesy of A 🙂

So, the theme for this year’s was Old Shanghai. Kudos to W and S for all the props and deco. They really put in alot of effort in making sure the room was well-dressed.

Dim sum dinner! 🙂

The waitress and the opium addict

The lady and the rickshaw uncle

Really felt like I was doing some advert. HAHA

The playboy and the nerd

The newspaper boy and the tutor

The two triad bosses

The rich and the coolies


All of us went out together at some point to run some errands and it was so embarrassing cos everyone was just staring at us. oh gosh

Christmas exchange gifts!

Happy birthday W and G!

Cheers to a better year everybody!

And so we drank for a good 5 hours in which half of them were gone long before it ended. But still, it was a night well spent. Looking forward to the next year’s already 🙂

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