299. Ito-Kacho

Ito-kacho, highly rated greatly disappointed. I love japanese bbq, having those fine wagyu beef slices in your mouth that simply melts after you charcoal grilled them. So we chose this place after seeing how hgw rated a 94% review. The place was packed. You have to wait if you did not reserve. And so our dinner began.

The sauce which I had no idea what is it and they never even bother to explain.

Dashimaki Tamago

It really tastes like Singapore style egg omelette. Though the tamago was nicely done, it was definitely not pudding-like nor Japanese-like.

Wagyu Tongue (Aust)

The lady recommended this greatly, saying how customers requested for more after trying them

I would say this is an interesting dish. A rubbery feeling. It felt like you were eating your own tongue. The friend said the tongue didn’t taste fresh. Well, I have no idea since it’s my first time trying.


Wagyu Naka Bara, Wagyu Tomo Bara, Wagyu Kainomi, Jo Karubi (US), Rasui (US), Tsubo-Zuke Karubi

I think this is probably the worst wagyu beef I have eaten in my entire life. The beef was too chewy. The meat had too much tendons and lastly, it definitely didnt give the melt-in-your-mouth kinda feeling.

Tofu, clam & mushroom in spicy soup

The only good thing that happened that night

Spicy beef soup rice

The bits of beef inside were unchewable. If i hadn’t eaten beef before, I probably thought I was eating rubber.

And so we grew tired chewing and the food was way beyond horrible, so we gave the plate back to them

So we gave our opinions on the dinner, only to be met with distain, wrath and unhappiness from the service staff. They probably thought we were idiots. We were not trying to cheat a free meal, but what we were looking for was merely a sincere apology and to see how well the restaurant can handle the situation. Being defensive on your actions and the food was secondary to us and we were definitely not trying to see how fast a manager/asst manager can shirk the responsibility. Being in a f&b industry is like being in a service industry. Your brand image & the customers are what that keep the restaurant running. Showing your unhappiness in front of your customers is definitely a no-no but I guess they failed to grasp that understanding. I can’t explain how unhappy and pissed we were, but this place will definitely not warrant another visit from me. It’s not worth my money, time and calories.


333A Orchard Road, #04-08/09/10

Mandarin Gallery, S(238897)

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