298. Bistro Du Vin (Shaw Centre)

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

I  have no idea why whenever I visit one of Les Amis group of restaurants, they just happen to either have a new chef or the current one resigned. So the friend asked me not to have any expectations of Bistro although this was my first visit. It was still quiet when we reached but it got really crowded and noisy at some point of time we couldn’t even hear ourselves. Somehow, I don’t really quite enjoy the ambience here.

Complimentary free bread

Baked Burgundian Escargots w Garlic Butter

The butter brings out the aroma of the dish though I thought it was a lil too oily

French Onion Soup w Croutons and Cheese

My first FOS! And it was pretty good

Duck Leg Confit w Stewed Haricot Beans & Lamb Sausage

The duck really shined. Though I wouldn’t say the same for the beans and sausage. The sauce was especially weird and sour. It felt like they misplaced sugar for salt kinda feeling.

Tenderloin which was off the menu

Probably a mistake. Though the meat was tender, it was too dry. And the only marinade of black pepper failed to bring out the contrast of the meat. I felt like I was eating black pepper with an over dried meat. The only saving grace was the Ikea meatball sauce which was too little for the beef.

The tenderloin which came w a portion of fries

Souffle w Vanilla Ice Cream

Souffle was fluffy and eggy. The pairing with the ice cream was really good.

Floating Island w Pink Almond in Vanilla Sauce

Another mistake. I felt like I was eating sugar from the beginning to the end. Marshmellow was very sweet. The sugared almonds were equally sweet and the pink sugar was overly sweet. There was absolutely no contrast in taste here. Well if you really have a sweet tooth, you can give this a try. But it really felt like just eating sugar off the spoon.

Overall, even though I went with no expectations, but somehow it still managed to go below my expectations. Perhaps this place and me, it’s just not meant to be.

Bistro Du Vin

1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #02-12 S(228208)

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