297. Canton Paradise (Bedok Mall)

I actually visited Bedok mall with much anticipation of trying something new. But somehow I guess I was so early that most of the restaurants are not yet ready. So in the end we settled at Canton Paradise cos it was the least crowded when we entered. haha

Trio platter – Roast pork, Roast Duck & Chicken

Give the duck a miss. The other 2 are much better

Fried Beancurd Skin w Prawns

Always my favourite dim sum dish to order

Chicken Feet w Black Bean Sauce

Always the parents’ dish to order

Wanton in Chilli Oil

Pales in comparison to Din Tai Fung

Fried Tofu w Salt & Pepper

Spinach w 3 eggs

Yang Zhou Fried Rice

This place feels like a plate of chicken rice that will not go wrong. The food is good. If there’s something to pin point, it would be the wanton in chilli oil. I guess they didn’t expect people to order the dish cos it was the last dish to arrive at the table since they had to spend time making it. Still, I wouldn’t mind going back again. It feels like having a typical Crystal Jade kinda meal, all the same anyway.

Canton Paradise

Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Road S(467360)

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