296. Socks & Pans (Closed)

Lunch around the area prompted me to this new place at Golden Shoe area. The place was so new there wasn’t anything on Google for me to google about. If it weren’t for the colleague who brought me there, I probably will never visit it. haha

This place does mainly pizza though it was a small section of pasta/sandwiches, I encourage you to go for the pizza instead. They have really interesting menu for their pizza.

Honey Lemon & Lemongrass

Drinks, fail pretty badly. The honey lemon used lemon powder so it made the whole drink rather artificial. Lemongrass was a lil better. But still, just drink coke. It will not go wrong.

We went for Brawnz – a mixture of minced beef, pepperoni, sausages, peppers & cheese. I really love the toppings but the crust.. I guess they tried to make it like a thin crust pizza but somehow it’s just wasn’t crispy enough.

Tangy Snappy

A tom yum sauce based with fish fillet, cherry tomato & mozzarella cheese, plus a sunny side up! Honestly, the toppings and sauce was awesome yet the crust could be better.

I actually contemplated for a long time to put this place under which category. I mean, I know I only have 2. This place has its share of hits & misses. Firstly, it’s new. There’s lots of improvements to be made. They actually do very well with their toppings and the sauce. If they could have just improved on their crusts, I would have rated it better. The drinks were another factor. And though one slice of pizza is 1/8 of the whole pizza you see here, it’s not filling. If I don’t fill full, I don’t think any guy will. And it costs $7.80 per slice. Though yes, this is a pizza place you can go if you are craving really badly for some pizza. Plus they do delivery service to Raffles Place area! So for the adventurous, here’s the place!

Socks & Pans

50 Market St, #01-23 S(048940)

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