290. Tea Bone Zen Mind

Z recommended this tea place off River Valley road so we decided to meet for tea sometime. It’s a very relaxed place and like how the name suggests, it’s pretty zen in there. I guess it’s a home/shop kinda environment. The owners were very sweet in ensuring we were towelled dry cos there was a thunderstorm at the point in time. And let the tea session begin!

The session comprises of 3 rounds w each round representing a different tea and snacks. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, you’ll be really full at the end of it.

Round One: Red tea w After Eight Chocolate

Milk custard for you to add to the tea

Personally, we prefer the red tea as it as. And remember to drink it w 2 straws. The flavour is sweeter and stronger

Round Two: Four Seasons Tea

Dried orange peel, prunes & I can’t really tell whats the last one (haha even after eating it)

Tea infused chicken wings

It was so good we were fighting over it. You’ll be surprised how amazing a normal tea-infused chicken wing can be.

Portobella mushroom w cheese

Tea Egg

I love tea eggs, only in tea tasting kind of setting and not the pasar malam kind. haha I love it especially when the yolk is runny inside so it gives you a feeling that you are eating a Japanese ramen egg

Round Three: Earl Grey Latte

Tea Infused Chiffon Cake

There’s a very slight burnt tea taste when you sample the cake. The cake was good, not too dry and very soft.

Lychee Tea Jelly

Probably all our fav. The bits of dried orange peel in it gives the whole dessert a different feel.

My tea partners in crime

I feel this is one of a unique tea place in Singapore. It’s probably one place you can stay as long as you like, just chatting or catching up with your friends or having a meeting there without being disturbed. The whole tasting session costs $45 per pax but I thought it was pretty reasonable. Do give this place a go, if you are looking a place to chill. Remember to make reservations!

Tea Bone Zen Mind

20 Hoot Kiam Road, River Vallery, S(249402)

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