257. Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common man coffee roasters, another one of those new brunch places that I found and I really like. By the ppl of 40 hands & 5 senses, it’s located at quite a quiet corner of martin road. We were thankful we got a place once we reached without having to wait long for a table. Cos the last thing you want is to sit at the bar eating your breakfast uncomfortably.

Quite a big place I would say

Just have to take a photo of this 3 legged chair cos we have to be careful not to lean to anyside too much if not we will just fall off. lol

Ice Latte

White coffee w super pretty latte art

Honestly the coffee is pretty good and fragrant. I like that it’s not too sour and with a tinge of bitterness and sweetness

Parsley & chilli fries

Which was pretty meh. Like seriously nothing special

Common Man Full Breakfast

It’s one huge gigantic plate isnt it?

French Toasts

Interesting how french toasts all come with ice cream these days. Having tried similar french toasts at Symmetry and CMCR, the friend prefers the one here. I thought perhaps it’s more fragrant, fluffy and less eggy and with the combination of berries, you don’t actually feel that sick eating it.

Croissant Croque Monsieur

This is so good. The croissant was crispy and buttery and warm and the cheese, ohmygod. haha I’m glad I tried something different for a change. And it’s filling! I don’t even have space for dinner (okay, maybe my stomach is REALLY small)

Breakfast for the day!

We actually didn’t have the intention to come here but was a spur of the moment. That being said, I thought it was a good choice. The prices here are similar to Symmetry I guess. Food is good, though getting a cab out might be abit difficult. Will definitely come back for a revisit if there’s a chance! Not too sure if they accept reservations but you can try 🙂

Common Man Coffee Roasters

22 Martin Road

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