258. District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant (Star Vista)

I hardly venture to the west, though buona vista isn’t exactly at the far west but still far enough to me. haha so when the cousins suggested having dinner there, I was excited to see what Star Vista had to offer. Decided on District 10 cos I heard they serve pretty good food. But sad to say after the entire dinner, I wasn’t exactly impressed.

Bad thing about the place – limited indoor seatings

Duck spring roll

Fried calamari

Sauteed prawns in garlic & olive oil

If I have to pick one of out the 3 tapas, I will pick the duck spring rolls, not because it’s good but the other 2 just couldn’t stand out.

Soft shell chilli crab pizza

Decided to give it a try after reading reviews that it was not bad but after eating, I thought it was strange. I don’t think I can relate to the taste of chilli crab at all. It’s like there, but not there.

Roast pork belly

I don’t know where to start with this dish. The tomatoes are quite good? I guess they couldn’t master the whole concept of a perfectly roasted pork belly. The meat was tough and dry at some point. The only positive note was the skin. But honestly, if I were to order a dish of pork belly I would want to savour the whole thing and not just the skin right…

Vanilla ice cream with espresso

Pretty normal

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

This is probably the best dish out of the entire meal. I thought the chocolate cake was pretty good. Soft and chocolatey enough!

I think we ordered enough food for 5 though there were only 3 of us. haha still, it is definitely not a place I would revisit. The only saving grace was probably the Pinot we ordered (which was really not bad). So till next time, Star Vista!

District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant

#01-42/K3, The Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green

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