259. Travelogue: Bali Part 2

Read about Merah Putih online and thought it was an interesting place to visit so here we go, to one of the newest & hippest restaurant in Bali for dinner. Place was pretty, with high ceilings though it can get a lil warm. Food however was at most mediocre. Not impressive, yet forgettable.

Complimentary fish soup

It was pretty sweet, with not much flavour

But this tiny bowl of chilli make a hell lot of difference

Fried soft shell crab

Crispy boneless duck

There wasn’t a consistency. Parts of the duck was tender, the other was tough and dry (well you kinda can tell from the picture right)

Coconut rice

Probably the best dish of the night

Balinese wagyu beef curry

This, everything could have gone wrong, went wrong. I was pretty excited when I spot this on the menu and was really anticipating a good wagyu beef dish. This however was far from okay. The beef had a beefy taste with not much seasoning to mask or enhance it. The curry ohmy I don’t even know what to say.

Whole chargrilled Jimbaran fish

They probably redeem themselves a lil for this dish, but if I were to compare this to the one I had at Menega cafe, this pales in comparison. I think they lack flavours, really.

I think the food here only looks aesthetically pleasing but lacks depth. Clearly, they cater to tastebuds of other tourists but honestly, if anyone were to say this place serves good food, I probably will go: Are you kidding me?

Merah Putih

Jl. Petitenget No.100x, Kerobokan 
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80361 

White water rafting was definitely one of the highlights of our trip and I pleaded with my friends to squeeze it into our tight itinerary haha. We booked the trip on balidiscoverytour.com which offered a cheaper rate (I think). Was initally contemplating with agency to go with but settled with Bali Adventure Tours cos we wanted the Ayung river (the mild one). I think we were surprised by the facilities, scale and safety of this agency. They had a proper shower room with towels, plastic bags, lockers provided. A proper road and staircase (and i really mean stairs) with handrails and like 50 or more instructors there.

On the pick up provided

Our locker key which was electronic. How cool.. lol

All set to go!

On 400 steps down to the river

Here are the rafts!

The Ayung river was really fun. Although it’s mild but there are rapids and currents so you don’t feel that bored. Definitely a must for first timers like us 🙂

I think our instructor worked the hardest cos he’s rowing 80% of the time. hahaha

So after rowing for 2 hours, we were so tired. And it didn’t help we have to climb 200 steps up. Gosh, we wanna die.

A very unglam us catching our breath midway. It was really tiring.

So after washing up, we headed to a buffet lunch included in the package. Well nothing fancy and when you are hungry, you don’t really care what you are eating. haha

I didnt really care much for the food. At that point, I just wanted a cold can of coke. haha

I will really recommend to go for Bali Adventure Tours. Though prices are relatively more expensive, I think you pay for your safety and convenience. Some other raft companies do not have rails nor proper steps. Im serious. When our rafts went by, the instructor was pointing to us the path you have to take if you sign up with them. It was.. horrifying. I think you will feel exhausted even before you start. lol

That’s it. Come back for part 3 🙂

Click here for Part 1!

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