260. Travelogue: Bali Part 3

We make it a point to visit all the ‘must visit’ places in Bali so Rock Bar became one on the bucket list. While researching, the pictures look so stunning so we really can’t wait to be there. Yet reality seems to differ. haha I’m not saying it’s not pretty but the weather was so bloody hot. Gosh.

Look at the glaring sun!

This was the queue to take the tram down. You can actually request to use the stairs so you don’t have to wait, which was what we did. It’s just stupid to stand under the brolly waiting there. Oh and one important thing, please go before 4pm so that you can get a table

Cos it was so hot, everyone was just hiding under the umbrellas provided by Rock Bar. They don’t have shades there so you have to find ways to keep yourselves cool. It’s very sad to work here actually, cos you face the same scenario every single day meaning, working under the hot & scorching sun.

The menu, not very smart cos it’s quite difficult to read.

Fried bananas in cinnamon sugar

This tastes quite good surprisingly

and then, the sun set.

So we took the tram up and get ready to head for seafood dinner. Yet this was the sight that greeted us 🙂 SO PRETTTY!

Probably the reason why everyone comes here. But sadly this space is only reserved for hotel guests. So, either you stay at Ayana Resort if not I assure you Rock Bar will be your one and only visit ever in Bali. Though the sunset was pretty but staying 1.5 hours under the heat was no joke. It was so hot you can dieeee. I can’t remember how many times of sunblock I applied while at Rock Bar. lol

Rock Bar @ Ayana Resort & Spa

Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera  Bali 80364, Indonesia

Dinner was at Jimbaran which was about 15 mins away from Rock Bar and specifically at Menega Cafe. It has the best seafood ever and everyone should go there at least once but remember to make reservations if not you might just miss out on the good stuffs!

So gorgeously beautiful 🙂

Huge coconuts that run out fast but they are not very sweet. LOL. I don’t know whats the catch here.


Skip the squid

These prawns. Gosh 2 each is not enough. They are wiped out in seconds. lol

Grilled Fish

I love all the dishes here other than the squid. Though it is generally saltier, but it’s damn good.

Really, if you ever want to have seafood at Jimbaran, just visit Menega cafe, no others. haha

Menega Cafe

Four Season Resort, Muaya Beach, Jimbaran, Bali

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  1. Steph Lauren says:

    Such a great post! I am going to bali at the end of the year so this was so helpful! Thankyou


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