261. Latteria Mozzarella Bar @ Duxton

Celebrated a colleague’s farewell at Latteria. Place wasn’t the most accessible. Food wasn’t the most memorable. The only up side was they have pretty good ambience and portion of pasta was really generous.

Bread, pretty forgettable


Not too bad. I like the cheese was light, though I certainly enjoyed the cherry tomatoes more than the cheese

Special of the day

It was deep fried mozzarella ball or something along those line. I don’t hate it, but there’s nothing to like either. I rather we stick to the good ol’ traditional mozzarella.

Deep fried calamari

Food wasn’t hot. So it affected the taste. In short, they could have done better.

Linguine Crab & Mascarpone

It was okay. But one mouthful of this was enough to make me stay away cos it’s so creamy it gets really jelat after that. Bleah

Seafood Napoletana

Requested mine to change to linguine and also to have lesser pasta. But, how is this lesser in any sense?! But honestly speaking, I thought mine was the best and was surprisingly good. I like the fact it was less creamy compared to the one above. The seafood was fresh and I enjoyed the overall taste of it.

We skipped the desserts cos we have no more space for it. haha

One of the places I will never go back and it’s not cheap either. Complete waste of calories 😦

Latteria Mozzarella Bar

40 Duxton Hill, S (089618)

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