231. Spices Cafe @ Concorde Hotel

Had my Father’s day celebration here cos the dad wanted a seafood buffet. Me and buffet don’t really go together cos I don’t eat much but I love fresh seafood like oysters and lobsters yums yums haha. The hotel was formally known as Le Meridian but had since changed its name. You cannot miss the hotel since it’s situated right beside Istana.

The cafe isn’t big but it is suffice

Dinner only starts at 6.30pm. What I like about having dinner at its first seating is cos the buffet spread is still all pretty and I can take all the photos I want. HEHE

Salad corner

The cold appetizers table

Seafood table

Soft shell crab and Sweet & sour fish (like the whole fish kind)

Some selection from the hot side. This soft shell crab is damn awesome. And how often do you see sweet & sour fish on the spread (like the whole fish kind)

The most outstanding on the desserts table (cos it’s so preeetty)

Now, lets break it down

Fish maw soup

Brewed with pretty good ingredients and it isnt diluted at all

Every diner gets half a lobster w XO sauce. Quite surprised by portion. Meat was fresh & good 🙂

We get to choose our crabs too (though not included in the buffet table) so we had it in salted egg yolk, chili and black pepper. In my opinion, the black pepper was the best, followed by chili and then salted egg yolk. The flavours were good, but the crab was mehh. There was not much meat and even if there was, the meat was too meshy and soft

Food from the appetizer table was pretty good and impressive, other than the asparagus which doesn’t taste like asparagus. haha

I think the best was the oyster (like super meaty and fresh), evident from every diner’s table. haha the tuna and prawns was not fresh though and the scallop is just pathetic 😦

From the hot table we have veal, lamb chop, sea cucumber, fish, tofu and a whole lot of food. haha honestly, it’s really not bad.

Desserts 🙂 They have sweet potato in coconut soup, yam and traditional icecream

And every dad gets a free bowl of birds best. Okay for this, you cannot expect too much. HAHA

You’ll be surprised by the spread and quality cos I’m very surprised myself. Of course you cannot compare them to Melt The World  Cafe but I think this place is pretty reasonably priced. I hope I get to try their Peranakan buffet next time round!

Spices Cafe

100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel

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