232. Montigo x Paradise (Part 1)

Finally get down to blogging about my Montigo trip which happened earlier this month. It was a 5 girls trip over a one night stay. Simple, blissful, enjoyable πŸ™‚ So we booked our ferry tickets from Tanah Merah ferry terminal to Nongsa ferry terminal. Batamfast is the only ferry there and yes you have to board from tanah merah. Ours was the 8am ferry which was sooo early we need coffee to keep us awake. So breakfast was at Killiney, got Macallan at DFS and off we go!

Killiney was actually quite bad but when you are hungry, you don’t really care

Nongsa ferry terminal really feels like a world of its own. hahaha hmmm when you are there, you will know what I mean. Anyways, arranged for pick up so that’s how the bus look like. Journey from the terminal to the resort probably takes about 5 minutes. Check in was a breeze. We were told to just sit around while they will come to us to handle our check in procedure. Was very pleased we could do early check in (it was only 8am) and then we were whisked off to our villa!

Our welcome drink – Lemon & lemongrass tea with no tinge of lemongrass taste so basically, just lemon tea =/


The mandatory shot which everyone will take. haha

Buggy to our villa!

Our villa! We chose the hillside villa which was perfectly fine

Well, the staff personally introduced every aspect of the villa but as a matter of fact, we were too excited to be listening so we couldn’t contain our joy when he left and we were left on our own. We went crazy. haha lemme show you the pictures!

Living room and a small & full kitchenette area

And the sight that awaits us

Our own infinity pool!

Master bedroom

and the huge bathroom

Twin room

and the pretty toilet

Not forgetting the rooftop that makes you seem like you are in Greece. haha

Surprise from the resort in view of our friend’s birthday πŸ™‚

Rested for abit, before catching the 10am shuttle to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre. Yeps the resort provides shuttle service to Nagoya which is about an hour away on a daily service but there is only one timing available. They picked up from the resort at 10am and back to the resort at 4pm. So we had lunch at A&W, did a hair spa + foot massage & did some massive grocery shopping. LOL

Camwhoring while waiting for the bus haha

Lunch πŸ™‚

I think only Singaporeans will come Batam and eat A&W. hahaha but thats cos we no longer have them at our end 😦

The massage we visited was called Eska, located just opposite A&W. We were quite skeptical of it at first but at the end of the session, we’re glad we made the right choice. It’s quite a big place and they have alot of staffs, so many that all of them can attend to 5 of us at the same time.

The nails area

We decided not to go ahead w the nails package cos we don’t trust their nail lacquer. hahaha and the stairs infront will lead you to their massage room upstairs

Hair cutting/dressing/styling area

We look totally cool right. lol

Happy girls w our hair πŸ™‚

We were initally very worried we have to come back sg to treatment our treatment-ed hair but thankfully the products they used are quite legit so our hair is still working fine now. haha and for the foot massage, it was so comfortable and we spent sgd 20 odd (including tax) for the package so yes, it’s pretty worth it. My other friend tried their thai massage and she said it was her best massage ever. So if you ever visit Nagoya Hill shopping centre and in search for a massage place, try Eska.

Walked around before finally started on our grocery shopping. Honestly, there IS really nothing to walk. And grocery shopping is all about indo mee and mixers.

Chitato is a must, especially the roast beef one. Indo mee is just crazy. Our loots for one night make it seem like we are there for a week. haha

Came back to the resort, chilled at the pool with Macallan & chips and enjoying the incredible sunset πŸ™‚

Dinner was a simple fare of own cooked indo mee + room service. We were very glad we bought indo mee cos even though room service was excellent, it was quite expensive (about sgd 80 odd)

While our chef for the night is hard at work hehe

Gado Gado

Tahu Telor Goreng

Beef Rendang

Montigo Oven Spring Chicken w Spiced Long Beans, Prawn Cracker & Rice

Such a good meal

We decided on room service instead of bbq (yeah you can opt for bbq dinner) cos it’s less hassle and cheaper option. I mean not like you are going to bbq your own food cos they will have a chef to do everything for you. But you have to pay sgd 120 for them to set up the grill for you and then on top of that, the bbq food costs sgd 50 per pax (though there’s alot food) but of course if you wanna have a bbq party, you can always opt for that option.

Anyways, it was a girls session after dinner with lots of drinking involved. We were so thankful it’s just us girls in the villa cos we were so drunk. lol πŸ˜€

Okay, time for bed. haha

Come back for Part 2!

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