233. Shelter In The Woods

It’s one of those places you have to go. New place, good food, friendly staffs. Though it’s not very accessible and hidden quite away but I think the food and drinks definitely makes up for it. Decided on this place for a friend’s birthday and glad we both enjoyed ourselves very much. Was there about 10 mins earlier than my stated timing however my table was not ready. The staffs were apologetic that they gave me free champagne to make up for it =O HAHA. This definitely cooked up some brownie point on my side 😀 So 20 minutes later, we were ushered to the bar counter, which in fact was a very very good place cos the guy took very good care of us. Okay, I shall let the pictures do the talking!

My bubbly! 😉

So the waitress introduced the daily specials and we decided to go for the oysters. I love fresh seafood and for this, you can really taste the saltiness of the seawater. Very fresh, no doubt.

Duck & Foie Gras Terrine Scented w Cognac

Very interesting dish. You can taste the duck but it has a good balance with the foie gras. What I like most about this dish was the bread. It’s so warm & crispy and soft you cannot help yourself to repeated servings of it.

Beef Bourguignon w Bacon, Button Mushrooms & Pearl Onions

The beef is so tender it’s pure awesome though I think it’s a little too heavy on flavour.

Crispy Skin Suckling Pig Marinated w Aromates

One of the best dishes of all times. It’s worth every calories.

SIGHS. So good. I would love to have this right now. haha

Ordered a dish of Asparagus w a crispy layer of cheese to go along with the suckling pig but I think you can give this a miss

Happy Birthday A!

That was Chocolate Lava Cake. Very very chocolatey. Be warned. haha

Vanilla Bean Rum

Oh gosh, SO STRONG. haha but it’s interesting they make their own rums and have a variety of flavours.

Lemon tart w meringue

One of the best lemon tart w meringue I’ve tried and we had this on the house. HEHE

So much food and alcohol (plus another half a bottle of white wine), we were one of the last guests to leave. Yet, this place is definitely one I will return and I’m sure you will not be disappointed as well.

Shelter In The Woods

22 Greenwood Avenue S(289218)

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