230. Tsukune Ichigo @ River valley

Celebrated my cousin’s birthday at Tsukune Ichigo some time ago for some yummy yakitori. This was my first visit and I would say the food is pretty good. Honestly, I’m not a fan of yakitori cos the portion is always so small and you have to pay so much to be full but since the elder is buying, the younger gets to eat for free. hehe

This is how the entrance looks like

Empty cos it was still pretty early

The whole place really feels like an Izakaya

Sake & the very pretty glasses

Edamame – cousin’s fav

Mixed vege w miso paste

The tsukune is so good! I’m quite surprised it comes in a roll even though they are called chicken balls.

And cos it was so good, we ordered another plate

Starting from left: Bonito flakes (v good!!), cheese, original, avocado and black pepper!

Chicken thigh

Pretty normal

Chicken liver

Not my kinda thing

Soft bone

Who the hell eats soft bone seriously. hahaha this was just.. strange

Fried potato

Squid fried w garlic

Pretty yummy though a lil salty

Prawns w spicy mayo

Love how the batter was not too thick but yet you can still taste the sweetness of the prawns

Grilled chicken thigh

This is soo good. If it weren’t for us being full, I probably order another plate of this! Perfectly crispy & juicy

My cousin’s much raved garlic fried rice which I thought was not bad but of course it couldn’t be compared to those in Japan

And at the end of the meal, they provide chicken soup to cleanse your palatte

This was a pretty cool place being patronised by lots of Japanese (while we were there) so since it is so popular with the japs, it could never go wrong right? Remember to make reservations cos the place is pretty small. But in all, this place is worth a re-visit.

Tsukune Ichigo

399 River Valley Road

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