226. Shinji by Kanesaka (Raffles hotel)

I’m gonna blog about the most expensive Japanese meal I’ve eaten till date and it’s called Shinji by Kanesaka. This place is probably recognised for having the best omakase meal you can ever find in Singapore (which of course comes with a price tag haha) but that aside, the fresh and sweet sashimi slices are enough to leave your mouth watering for more. So I’m v lucky I had a chance to dine here for my really really belated birthday treat. LOL but well, good things come to those who wait πŸ™‚ Right? hehe

It’s a very simple and clean table setting where diners sit at each station helmed by a different chef.

Chefs preparing for lunch crowd

Preparing the wasabi

I was super fascinated by it. haha

Soutenbou sake – the perfect sake to match your sushi cos it’s so light and sweet it doesn’t taste like sake at all

Imagine – Β sweetness of the prawns, saltiness of the marinade and crunchiness of the texture at the same time

I have no idea why there is a sudden course of cooked fish. haha but since it’s placed infront of me, I shall eat them. Noms πŸ™‚

This is soooo good, like melt in your mouth kinda of awesome

I swear, this is the best uni I have ever eaten in my entire life. It’s sweet on first bite and the juice exploded in your mouth when you bite through it and the taste will just follow through. Ohmygosh, like seriously even if you dont take uni, please just give it a try. You won’t regret it.

And because it’s so awesome, it deserved another moment of fame. HAHA

According to D, this is how real tuna should taste like πŸ˜‰

Taken care by the master himself πŸ˜‰ It’s very fascinating to watch them work.

I prefer their nigiri sushi though.

These are amazing. The first time I tried something that doesnt taste like what I thought it supposed to taste like. It simply tastes like custard to me and I was telling D how there was no air bubbles at all. haha

Additional Order

I can just die of high cholesterol now. haha

And lastly mochi for desserts

I have never tasted any mochi better than this (though the portion is a lil small lol) It was sooo awesome you had to experience it yourself. lol

Chefs preparing for their own lunch after the crowd has left

Such an art right?

Chef Oshino!

heh such a cheeky chef who gladly pose a photo for me and yes, thats the master himself. πŸ™‚

Their sushi is undeniably one of the best. I can totally understand the hype of being one of the top Japanese restaurants in Singapore. The rice is warmth to the right temperature and vinegared just right. It’s neither too soft or hard and leaves a pleasant sweet taste in your mouth. Even the ginger is so sweet and crunchy you can just help yourself plate after plate. I simply adore the seaweed that was used with the sushi cos it’s so crispy and fragrant you can just snack on them like this. Service was excellent. They replaced your whole cup of green tea everytime and not just refilled it to the brim. Ambience is good. We hear light conversation going around from the restaurant winning awards to the type of fish being served. I would say Shinji is definitely one of those you had to go once in your lifetime, just for the experience and the food.

Thanks D for the treat! πŸ™‚

Shinji By Kanesaka

1 Beach Road,

#02-20 Raffles Hotel

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  1. kai says:

    From what I see from your post, it is evident that you don’t know your sushi one bit. U might want to take better notes next time. The karei is madai. The madai is shima aji. Iwashi wasn’t labelled, and neither is mirugai. Hirame is not hirame, but another shellfish. Shiro ebi is another error. It is botan ebi instead. And to say kinmedai is kim bak lor is an absolute joke. These are two completely different fishes. Splendid alfonsino is not the same as barramundi.


    1. irisslove says:

      Hi kai, thanks for the correction.


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