225. Mex Out (Far East Square)

I think it is definitely easier to find Thai, Jap or Korean food places in Singapore but how about Mexican food? I’m pretty sure very few places in Singapore serve them but fear not! Here’s one place you can go to for pocket friendly Mexican fare and it’s located right at Far East Square! I guess this place does lunch crowd more since it’s located in CBD area and to have some burritos, tacos & nachos over your usual chap chye peng is definitely pleasing for a change.



It’s a pretty small place I would say


And the queue starts from here, where you get to choose what kinda style and hot fillings you want


Then you choose your main and cold fillings next


Here’s a shot of the comprehensive menu


IMG_5256Here’s mine!

1. Burrito (Mini 8 inch) + 2. Mexican style red rice + 3. Chchinita Pibil (pork shoulder) + 4. Iceberg lettuce & sour cream and fire roasted salsa!

It’s really good. I didn’t expect it to taste so good. The pork shoulder is so well marinated with spices and it goes well with the mexican rice. One thing I would change would be the choice of salsa cos it’s not spicy at all. I think for sg standard, we can definitely go for the highest level of spice anytime. haha


Went for the meal which contains nachos & a drink

I’m surprised they use fresh nachos and fry them on the spot and not your supermarket kind of nachos from a packet. It’s so crispy that we brought back for our colleague and few hours later you can still hear the *crissspp* sound of it. LOL

IMG_5257Another picture of it!

I think this place is worth a try 🙂

Mex Out

39 Pekin Street

#01-01 Far East Square

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