224. Tanuki Raw @ Orchard Central

Overstated, over priced. Pretty much a disappointment. I was looking forward so much to the oysters but man, it wasn’t anything I expected. But then again, for $1 a piece, what can you expect right? Tanuki Raw is still in its soft launch phase. Located at the second level of Orchard Central, the queue was evident by the time we are leaving. I think everyone is there for the same reason. haha


It’s okay

Trio of Fries

Spam fries, lotus roots & truffle fries. Over fried and under seasoned.

Lychee martini

I prefer the Mezza 9 anytime


Overhyped. Going at $1 per piece during their happy hour from 5-8pm (which means you have to order a drink), this is a complete steal but sadly, it just doesnt taste good. Perhaps they could have them more chilled.


Seared salmon draped over mozerella & dripped w mentaiko sauce. Uh it’s really quite bad. I couldnt enjoy much of the seared taste. The rice was a lil hard and the sushi just could not stay together.

(well, this is supposed to be one of their popular dish)


Ebi fry roll sprinkled w sakura ebi & drizzled w spicy sauce. This is probably the one thing that saved the day, but not that it’s fantastic either. One thing about their sushi, the roll of rice is just too thick.

Taco Fish

Beer battered fish tacos w spicy sauce, yuzu, & avocado. The batter is too thick and I couldnt really taste the beer. The sauce just does not go well together.

Overall, I highly doubt I will revisit. If you want comparison, in terms of novelty try Koh Sushi Grill. If you want real jap food, go The Sushi Bar. If you want fusion, go Kilo. This place is just confusing itself. lol

Tanuki Raw

181 Orchard Road

#02-03 Orchard Central

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