223. Communal @ North Canal Road (Closed)

It wasn’t our first choice to dine here cos we actually chose The Market Grill at Amoy but due to the very limited seatings, we decided to activate our backup plan! Haha I learnt that for restaurants that do not allow reservations, it is always good to have a backup plan so you don’t have to stand there and ponder what to do next. So anyways, Communal isn’t too far away. Located at North Canal Road, which is just 2 streets away from the bustling boat quay, I say this place pleasantly surprises.

There wasn’t much crowd when we reached which is good! Haha

This place does American food, like real American cuisine

Complimentary cornbread with honey butter as starter

This is very yummy. The slight burnt of the crumbs together with the corn flavour and the honey butter. Yums

Biscuit and Gravy
Kinda strange, not my kinda thing. Lol

The CBD burger
It’s really really good. Haha I mean, don’t this picture make you hungry already? :p

Another picture πŸ˜€

BBQ sandwich
Rather normal but interesting use of bread

Lobster Mac n cheese
Hmm not a fan of Mac & cheese so there’s nothing for me to compare to, but my friends like it

Braised beef cheeks
Please order this. The meat is really braised to awesome tenderness on a base of mashed potato and brussel sprouts along w chinese cooking wine & black vinegar

Had a good evening chatting, laughing and interrogating. Ended the evening w a cake for the May babies! Happy birthday to my dearest friends!

So adorable. hehe

I would say this place is worth going, for the price and the quality. So if you are tired of the restaurants along boat quay, give Communal a try πŸ™‚


12 North Canal Road


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