222. 49 Seats @ Kreta Ayer Road

Had wanted to try Burnt Ends originally but due to limited seatings, we went for 49 seats instead 😦 Okay I really really wanted to try Burnt Ends. Boohoo. Anyway, the food at 49 seats is mainly western. Pasta, fries, mashed potato, chicken chop, fish & chips. You get the drift. haha

A pretty pretty small place

Sweet Onion Soup & Garlic Bread

cos SL ordered the set which comes with a drink & soup of the day. She said the soup is not bad and she likes her garlic bread with a thick slap of butter. Honestly, as a onlooker it doesnt really look very appetising to me. LOL =/

Tom Yum Pasta

Not bad. It really tastes like tom yum and can get quite spicy.

Popcorn chicken

which was meh. I think KFC’s one nicer.

Pan fried fish

The fish itself.. I think they could have done better

Which comes with a side serving of Al scampi sauce

A combination of prawns, mussels & clams in a creamy base. I guess I’m not a fan of creamy sauce as I think it gets gelat after awhile

I dont think the meal here is very cheap, or worthwhile in fact. With that kind of price, I expected better quality. That being said, I think I prefer my normal kopitiam kind of western stall. Cheap & equally tasty.

49 Seats

49 Kreta Ayer Road

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