Sushi Yuki – By Chef Yukinori with his Own Place at Wilkie Edge

I was excited to try Sushi Yuki, helmed by chef Yukinori who used to work at Ginza Sushi Ichi at Marriott. Now that he has his own place at Wilkie Edge, I thought it would be nice to see how different it was from the experience at Marriott


I had requested to be seated at chef Yuki’s counter but was told his counter was already full. Despite that, I was willing to give the sous chef a try cos hey, sous chef can be good too right? Or so that was what I thought


I was led to the small room inside and seated between a couple and 2 sisters. After serving me some water, I sat in anticipation cos the menu took forever to come. It was strange. I thought it’s usually a seamless process. It felt like the staffs either felt lost or really very busy they forgot about me

Anyway, the menu finally appeared and I decided to go with nigiri omakase priced $250 which consists of appetizers, 12 nigiri sushi, chawanmushi, maki roll, soup & dessert



Seaweed with Mountain Yam & Vinegar, Sesame Tofu, Deep Fried Ice Fish, Broad Bean

First up, appetizers. The staff literally put down the appetizers and walked away. I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. They really left.. like that? Not even going to tell me what I was served? Personally, I find it unacceptable. Not a good impression to start. at. all.

My friend jokingly said even if you go neighbourhood sushi chain, they would tell you what the dish was


I managed to grab one of the staffs when she was serving the couple some sake and asked what the appetizer was, even though I was still in disbelief. Lol

Anyway coming back to the food. It was.. meh. Normal

And I could say it with conviction cos I had the same deep-fried seasonal shirauo elsewhere and it was so.much.better



First piece. It sets the tone for the meal. Well, the kinmedai was okay but the rice was cold. I could taste the vinegar towards the end which was mildly strong but the shari as a whole, was just disappointing 



This was better overall. And I loved the taste of shiso in it. The sayori was delightful  



The rice was just inconsistent. It’s like I started with a not-so-great piece, got served a much better one then went back down to Earth. Lol


Nodoguro with Yuzu Kosho

I thought they added a little too much of yuzu kosho. The nodoguro was fatty and nice and I liked the flavour of it together with yuzu kosho but they could tone it down a little  


Shima Ebi 


Chawanmushi w Hairy Crab

I have to say the portion of the crab was very generous. It felt like the crab was the star here and it was pretty good

And then I overheard my neighbour giving their feedback to the staff about their experience here. It was funny how everyone in the small room was unsatisfied that evening. The couple on my left was unhappy cos they were not served by chef Yuki and they said the standard served by the sous chef was not to their expectations. The sisters on my right were not happy the champagne was not cold enough (like they were repeatedly emphasizing on it everytime the staff filled their glasses) and the champagne was just lacking in character 


Kasugo (Baby Tai)

Coming back to the meal. I felt like every piece I try will come as a surprise. And I really concluded the rice was really just lacking



The Ankimo was okay. But the seaweed..  lacked fragrance and texture so overall it was pretty flat



I thought I was eating Yuzu-flavored Akami. It was just too.much.yuzu. Oh man



To be honest, this chutoro wasn’t the best I’ve had. I really had better at other sushiya so this was like .. okay I guess?




The aburi Otoro was not bad but maybe a little too cooked. I couldn’t taste the balance between the cooked and the raw texture so I felt the fish was wasted. And you could tell from the picture here it’s definitely more cooked



Oh Aji, my favourite Aji. This piece was just not aged enough. Sad

Halfway through the meal, the sisters and I decided to indulge in each other’s company so even though the sushi was lacking, it was made better by the conversations and alcohol


Kohada – 

And then cos it was the sister’s favourite choice of fish, I got an extra as well. But.. it tasted abit weird. Lol. I don’t know how to describe it. It didn’t taste like the usual kohada



I was compensated with an awabi cos of my experience here. I had to say this was the best out of the whole meal. Another piece maybe? Lol


Uni Rice Bowl, Miso Soup

The soup was quite nice with the cooked fish. It was a comforting bowl of miso soup



Not too bad. It was decent 



Ending with negitori. Thankfully it was good. It was a roller coaster sushi ride for me



I didn’t like their version of Tamago. You could taste the distinct flavour and texture of the egg here but I preferred a more dessert/cake-like tamago 


Desserts – Orange, Strawberry, Melon, Sea Salt Icecream

At the end of the meal, the sisters and I were comparing the different course cos we each had a different one. We concluded the nigiri omakase was enough. And if you made it to this point, you would probably have concluded I didn’t have a great meal here. I’m no stranger to Japanese food so this wasn’t just a choice of personal preference but overall the quality needs improvement. So, if you cannot get chef Yuki’s counter, you are better off not coming. And that was what I concluded as I left the place 

Sushi Yuki

8 Wilkie Rd, #01-23/24

Wilkie Edge

Singapore 228095

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