Bistro Du Le Pin – Hole-In-The-Wall Japanese Restaurant at Orchard Plaza

The hole-in-the-wall place is located on the second floor of Orchard Plaza. For people who are familiar with this name, they started as an omakase restaurant on the first before branching to serve ala-carte and oden on the second. The place serves Japanese cuisine and they co-share the same ingredients as their omakase counterpart so your sashimi will come from the same kitchen


The place isn’t big. 8 seats in fact. It’s compact and literally hole-in-the-wall


The 2 staffs are very friendly and will gladly help you with your choices of food


Braised Lotus Root

We got a free appetiser upon hearing the friend was very hungry


Assorted Sashimi $45


The sashimi platter was huge, in fact too much for 2 pax to share. It was quite filling after awhile. That aside, the sashimi was fresh and tasted pretty decent


Fluffy Prawn $12


We got this upon their recommendation and I must say I love it. It’s tofu-like texture with prawn paste mixed in it and went well with their special mayonnaise (which we didn’t realise till later)


Anago $22

Boiled then grilled, it was okay. Nothing special


Premium Sirloin $35


The sirloin was pretty decent too. Though at this point, I was ready to surrender


3 pcs Oden $5

Finishing it off with some oden. You can choose the pieces you want. It was a decent heartwarming bowl of oden

There is little information on this place online so sharing the menu for those who are interested



And the drink list. Corkage for sake/wine at $30 each if you want to bring your own bottle there



I like how hidden the place was. The lack of information perhaps made it a little more mysterious but perhaps not anymore. lol. It was like going to a friend’s place for dinner. Just a small bar with good Japanese food. Just remember don’t call and book the wrong place. This ala carte restaurant is located on the second floor and it’s a different reservation number from its omakase sister restaurant

Bistro Du Le Pin

50 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza,



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