Umami 10 – Surprising Japanese Fusion Cuisine at Telok Ayer

I was looking for a fairly not-so-popular place since it was a last minute booking and given it’s December, any known restaurants would have been booked out in advance so I came across Umami 10 located at Telok Ayer Street. The restaurant is fairly new and it was an interesting name. I thought it’s Japanese-fusion cuisine looked appealing too so we decided to check out the place


Premium Hyogo Oysters $45


The oysters were huge, plump and juicy though you can taste a slight oyster taste to it. Drizzled with ponzu sauce, I thought they could add more ponzu sauce to it or serve it as a side topping so we could add them ourselves


Foie Gras $30

Foie Gras, Blueberry Gel, Balsamic Caviar, Truffle Caviar


The foie gras arrived very fancifully


And it was done pretty well. You can smell the smokiness in the dish as you bite into it. The oiliness was nicely balanced by the blueberry gel and finished off with a slight truffle taste


Tsukune $15

Chicken Pattie, Egg Yolk, Walnuts

Just a nicely executed piece of tsukune


Asari Clams $18

Yuzu, Clams, Cream, San Marzano

One of my favourite dishes of the night. the broth was delicious. You can taste the sweetness of the clams in the broth which was slightly creamy yet with a nice touch of citrus and spiciness


Spanish Gambas $18

Black Tiger Prawns, Chorizo, Smoked Paprika, Chilli

2 words – very spicy. It was a pretty normal bowl of spicy prawns


Wagyu Boneless Short Ribs $34

12 hour Braised, Sangiovese, Veal Jus

I wasn’t expecting the braised short ribs to be like this. But I like this light hearty soupy version. Very tender pieces of ribs, something different from the heavier dishes


Firefly Squid Tempura $25

Toyama Firefly Squid

I must say these squid surprises. They were good. Coated in a seaweed based batter, they were nicely fried without being too overdone and you can’t help popping another piece in your mouth

Processed with Focos

Cold Somen $14

Somen, Sakura Ebi


Black Gold Shiro Bara Uni $40

Squid-Ink Akita Rice, Uni & Ikura


I actually like the rice dish. It was simple yet the flavours work, probably because of the uni and ikura. And it was a good base to eat with the other dishes


Pick Me Up $13

House-made Three-Liqueur Tiramisu

Moving on to desserts, the tiramisu was decent but nothing fantastic in my opinion


Matcha Gato $12

Matcha Ice cream, Baileys, Espresso

I thought the icecream was better. Really like the combination of baileys and espresso. Maybe we can try it at home next time. lol


I thought the food here was quite decent. It was a last minute find but I was glad it was pretty enjoyable. The place isn’t big so remember to make reservations if you are heading down!

Umami 10

163 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068616

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  1. Roberta D. says:

    Those prawns sound amazing! Definitely adding chorizo, chili, and paprika to the prawns ( I just ordered for this week’s meal prep. I need a little zing when I eat seafood.


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