Le Jardin – Floral-Themed Restaurant at Fort Canning

Dragged the friend out to brunch over the weekend and I suggested visiting the newly opened Le Jardin. Sister restaurant to Cafe de Nicole’s Flower, the place has a similar concept. But first, to get to the restaurant, you need to take a walk. The grab dropped me off the at drop-off point which is at the visitor centre and you can take a leisure walk up to Fort Canning Arts Centre


You will find the restaurant at the end of this path!


The Alfresco seating area


And the floral-themed indoor seating area


We didn’t reserve and just walked-in but thankfully we were early so it wasn’t that crowded


Flat White $5.90 (left) Hazelnut Latte $11.90


The hazelnut latte was one of their specialty drinks so I gave it a go. Served chilled, it has a nice aroma to it with a lingering hazelnut taste. Overall it was balanced but not too sweet


Portobello Mushroom $17.90

Mushroom Ragout, Sunny Side-Up Egg, Herb Salad


Wanted to keep space for dessert so I ordered the portobello mushroom. The mushroom was plump and juicy and it went well with the yolk. I say, it was a decent and at most an average piece of mushroom


Croissant Waffle

Truffle Scrambled Eggs, Kurobuta Pork Sausage, Roasted Potato, Confit Tomato $23.90


Definitely recommended to order. The croissant waffle was the star. It looked like waffle and tasted like croissant. Crisp and airy, it was really good. Love the truffle scrambled egg as well and I thought it was pretty decent


Wanted to order the tarts but was disappointed to know they were only available after 11am. So, for those who wanted to try their desserts, don’t go so early

Still, I thought the food and drinks were good and the beautifully decorated restaurant makes a good place to chill and people-watch. We noticed many dropped by for brunch after their hike in the area so it does get a little crowded in the late morning. Le Jardin was worth a visit, though it might not necessarily be the most convenient to get to

Le Jardin

5 Cox Terrace,

Fort Canning Arts Centre, S(179620)

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