La Bottega Enoteca – Famous Italian Private Diner Now at Joo Chiat Road

When the friend told me La Bottega was opened, I was determined to try it even tho I wasn’t really a carbs person. Reservations were only released sporadically and you have no idea when. So I checked the reservation page everyday. And viola! I eventually made it down one day


I actually walked past this place when it was still under renovation and the rustic feel of it caught my eye. Little did I know it would be home to Chef Antonio’s new place


The counter seats were the best seats in-house cos you get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in the open kitchen. And there were so many staffs around we were rather impressed


It’s actually quite romantic inside cos the lightings were dim as compared to the bright space outdoors

The 5-course menu is fixed at $139/pax though you have the option to add on ala carte if you are still feeling hungry. Try their wines, it was a perfect pairing with the food and the friendly staffs made the whole meal much enjoyable



Beef Bresaola, Fresh Fennel, Olio Extra Vergine “Impronta”

Aged beef sliced thinly with shredded cheese drizzled with a delectable olive oil. The antipasto was light but enough to get your appetite started while looking forward for the next dish to arrive


All the action in the kitchen


DoubleCrunch Pizza

Homemade Anchovy, Smoked Burrata, Tomato, Aromatic Herbs (right)

Gambero Rosso Prawn from Mazara, Zucchini (left)

This was a very different kind of pizza, different in the sense I’ve never tried it before. The staffs told us the fillings were supposed to be in between the crust but for presentation, they decided to put it on top. I love the crust. It’s thin and airy and doesn’t made you feel heavy after eating it. The friend enjoyed her anchovy. While I thought the prawn was decent, I wouldn’t want to order it a second time


Newpolitan Pizza

Sausage, Broccoli Rabe, Scamorza / Marinara & Burrata


The next pizza comes in whole, with flavours in half. I thought the sausage was good but the marinara and burrata even better. Like, I would order this in a heartbeat. The pizza crust was delicious. Though charred, it was fragrant, chewy and soft. I say, the dough texture here was just different (in a good way)


Pappardelle, White Pork Ragu, Salted Ricotta from Belluno

The chef actually advised us to take the proteins since carbs would be too filling for 2 girls. But we wanted to go full Italian and try his famed pasta. And so..


This was Italian ban mian. lol. The texture of the pasta was unique. So smooth and easily chewed when you bite into them. It kept you wanting for more. And the white pork ragu was good. It really felt like minced meat in ban mian, but more saucy and flavourful. Ending with salted ricotta to round it off for that flavourful and slightly milky aftertaste


Sicilian Cannoli, Chocolate Crunch, Pistachio

Last course, dessert. The friend said this was Italian curry puff. lol. The pastry dough was light, crispy and not dry. The pistachio one was better than the chocolate


Hazelnut Semilfreddo

But wow, this hazelnut semilfreddo was stellar. The intense flavour of the nut with the right balance of sweetness, it was just a good ending to the meal. Definitely recommended

We were so full after that we wanted to roll out of the restaurant. Even the staff was impressed we finished everything on our plate. lol. It was a good meal no doubt and if you enjoy pizzas and pastas, you can give this place a try

La Bottega Enoteca

346 Joo Chiat Road

Singapore 427596

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