Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – Value Lunch Sets at Robertson Quay

Celebrated a friend’s hens at Wolfgang Steakhouse Robertson Quay cos we wanted somewhere near our ‘Part 2’. Since it was Christmas period, the restaurant looked every part of it. We loved how the warm lightings lit up the entire place with the Christmas tree in the centre. It actually did bring up the atmosphere and festive spirit



Complimentary bread basket

Served warm. I love a warm basket of soft bread. The friends could not stop eating


Soup of the Day: Cream of Mushroom and Salad of the Day

The mushroom soup packed a punch. It was thick and earthy and had a taste of truffle in it

The joke came when we were just waiting for our mains to come and 45 minutes later, they were still not here! Then the friend asked me do you think they are waiting for us to finish the appetisers cos they kept hovering near our table? Soon after we finished our appetisers, our mains appeared. lol. And because our time was tight and we had to rush off to our second plan for the day, we finished our mains in a record 15 minutes. The servers were so shocked. HA


Steak & Eggs $45

100% USDA Prime Dry Aged New York Striploin with Cherry Tomatoes & Scrambled Eggs

From the brunch selection, the steak and eggs is meant for people who wanted eggs and a slice of beef (cos dining in a steakhouse must eat right). You have the option of choosing sunny side up or scrambled and we went for the latter. Love the medium-rare doneness of the steak which was done so right it didn’t have much of the bloody juice coming out. The friend was damn impressed. lol


Angel Hair Pasta $48*

Angel Hair Pasta served with Scallop, Salmon Roe & Caviar

Comes with Salad of the Day, Soup of the Day, 2 sides and Dessert of the Day

We took one set which comprised of the mushroom soup, salad, fries, sautéed mushrooms (for sides) and dessert which honestly I thought was quite value for money. The pasta was delicious with the slight saltiness of the caviar and a little drizzle of oil for that texture


Japanese Style Katsu Sandwich $42

100% USDA Prime Black Angus Beef Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich served with Potato Chips

We love the katsu sandwich. It was the crowd’s favourite. The beef was so tender and the bread was buttery, sweet and slightly burnt. Even though we were all so full by the end of the meal and there was still a piece of bread to go, nobody wanted to waste it. ha


Taste of New York $62

100% USDA Prime Black Angus Dry Aged New York Striploin Steak served with Creamed Spinach, Mashed Potatoes and a Sampling New York Cheesecake

Done medium, I felt like this would be a good portion to share. It felt a little too much and too heavy for one

10 minutes into our mains we told the servers to serve the desserts. They were like you want us to serve the desserts now?? HA. I think they must be amused. So we told them we need to leave in the next 5 minutes


Dessert of the Day: Tiramisu

We definitely preferred this to the cheesecake


Sampling portion of  New York Cheesecake

So when this came, we were like why is there a cheesecake being served? Clearly nobody read the description of Taste of New York. lol and how is this a sampling portion?? Honestly this cheesecake really reminded me of every bit of New York. It was so thick we had one mouth and we were like okay cannot liao

We had a great time here. I thought the food was good and the ambience was perfect. It’s also more pocket-friendly with their lunch sets so for those looking for a special occasion to celebrate, it’s one place to consider

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Singapore

1 Nanson Road #02-01

InterContinental Singapore

Robertson Quay, S(238909)

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