Burger & Lobster – London’s Famous Lobster Restaurant now at Jewel Singapore

I’ve tried the one in London and I can still remember how good the steamed lobsters were. So when Burger & Lobster opened its first outlet in Singapore, I was excited to try to see if it lived up to its hype. Being located at the top floor of Changi Jewel, diners can also enjoyed the view of the canopy park while enjoying your meal – okay it broadly depends on where you are being seated. The queue wasn’t that bad. We waited for about 20 minutes before we were ushered to our table and the food took another 15 minutes to come. But I guess if you didn’t want to wait at all, I suggest you wait for B&L to open their second outlet then



Live lobsters being flown in from Nova Scotia, Canada


The restaurant was kept busy with diners even during off-peak hours but I like how they manage the crowd so that there’s always enough staffs attending to those dining


For those afraid to get your shirts stained – they have the survivor kit


Gin & Tonic $14 (left) Eastern Sun $8 (right)

Love their drinks! Especially the refreshing mix of Eastern Sun that is a combination of pineapple, lemongrass & lime


Jewel Exclusive – Sambal Glazed Lobster $65

Steamed 1.5lb Lobster Glazed with Sambal

Honestly I took the longest time to decide what to order cos I felt like trying everything on the menu. lol but I decided to give the Jewel Exclusive a try because why not? And I’m glad I did. I really like the sambal mixture which was sweet, tangy and not overwhelming spicy so you can still taste the sweetness of the lobster meat. The buttered brioche that came with it was fragrant, crisp and I enjoyed how it went so well with the sambal sauce. And what’s nice was the staffs volunteered to peel the shells off for us so that we could better enjoy our lobsters. Talk about good service


Original Lobster $65 (1.5lb)

Steamed / Grilled, Served with Fries and House Salad

You can have it steamed, grilled or a combination of both. Well, I had the combination. I remembered the grilled lobster I had in London wasn’t good cos it was over grilled. I’m glad the cook on the lobsters here was perfect. It was so deliciously good I wanted more. You can also upgrade the fries to truffle fries or sweet potato fries if you would like to. I had the truffle, but I thought the taste of truffle wasn’t strong enough


A meal here probably isn’t the cheapest but the overall dining experience was great and enjoyable. The food was pretty decent and now I wished I could try their burgers and lobster rolls as well. I think it is worth a try if you don’t mind queuing up for a bit

Burger & Lobster

Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Boulevard  #05-203

Singapore 819666 

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