Niku Kappo – Kappo-Style Beef Concept by WATAMI

If you have walked past the basement of Ion Orchard, you would noticed this eye-catching restaurant with all the meat displayed at the front of their restaurant. Brought in by WATAMI Group, Niku Kappo originates from Tsukiji market and uses Kappo-Style cooking where staffs will cook infront of your eyes. Reservations are encouraged to be made online, telephone lines are physically there but hard to get through, or virtually impossible since they are shorthanded. Otherwise you can just take a queue number and join the queue. There’s Happy hour on Monday to Thursday from 4-8pm and Friday to Sunday from 4-7pm for those who want a quick drink as well. There was quite a crowd on a weekday night we visited and as the night goes by, it felt like the staffs were a little overwhelmed

Snapseed 2



Welcome drink – Sake Cocktail

Honestly, too sweet

Snapseed 3

Time Bomb Maguro $9.90


Was a little skeptical of the overly darkened colour of the tuna when it was served but it turned out to be fantastic. It was not only pleasing to the eye but to the palate as well

Snapseed 4

Snapseed 7

Sukiyaki Sushi $19.90


Sukiyaki Style Grilled Beef Sushi

Another recommended dish to order, the grilled beef sushi was decent though I felt like the rice within was a little too much


Tsukune Negishio Dare $5.90

Grilled Minced Wagyu with Leek Sauce

Could give this a miss

Snapseed 6

Tori Kushi Mori $19.90

Comes in a platter of 5 different kinds of grilled chicken – Grilled Chicken with Miso, Citrus, Sesame, Vinegar & Tartar and Teriyaki Sauce

I thought the most memorable was the one with teriyaki sauce cos the flavour was so evident. The citrus one was interesting and so was the sesame. The rest, well, pretty forgettable

Snapseed 8

Mt Fuji Nabe $21.90

Of course, we have to give this a try. We ordered the Beef & Pork, with additional ramen $7.90. Initially we were appalled by the amount of bean sprouts, but these bean sprouts had no taste, which was good. Love the soup broth that was infused with the vegetables and meat. I thought you can’t really taste the difference between the beef and pork or rather we can’t really find the beef so perhaps not a good choice to select both proteins. The additional ramen was a good idea. The texture of the noodles were smooth and chewy and goes really well with the vegetables


Chocolate Fondant Sauce $6.90

Ending the meal with some desserts. The brownie was soft and not too dry but wished they gave more marshmallows. Yup, not enough

Overall, quite an interesting concept given the staffs will really stand infront of your table and cook. But realistically given they are shorthanded, I’m not sure how sustainable it can be. Also, be prepared to walk out smelling like a smoked beef. Prices are quite reasonable as well. It’s probably worth considering if you are in the area

Niku Kappo

2 Orchard Turn

#B3-23 ION Orchard

Singapore 238801

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