Fu He Hui 福和慧 – Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants

As I dined at Fu He Hui that day, they had just came in 30th on Asia’s Best 50 List for 2018. With a list of decorated awards on their belt, this restaurant is housed in a building itself, spanning a total of 3 floors with each individual room to dine in a Zen-like setting. And the room was huge enough to accommodate 6 people even though there was just 2 of us. For those who hear of Fu He Hui for the first time, this tasting-menu only serves vegetarian cuisine. Yes, vegetarian, no meat. I would think having a 10-course menu on pure vegetables would be a challenge for meat lovers but you will be surprised by what Fu He Hui can offer. Tasting menu comes in 4 different tiers – RMB 380, 580, 780, 880, and all diners have to choose the same menu. We picked the RMB 880 cos there were more things we don’t take on the other price lists


Complimentary appetiser: Marshmallow, Tomatoes


The marshmallow tasted different. It had a melt-like candy floss texture towards the sweeter side dusted with strawberry powder. And the tomatoes were a mixture of sweet (reds) and sour (greens)


Peas, Fried Tofu Skin, Edible Flowers

Quite a nice combination I think, especially the crunch of the peas and the tofu skin


Another complimentary appetiser: Asparagus, Asparagus Paste

You would never expect asparagus to be eaten this fresh


Brasenia with Tofu, Soy, Combo

Jelly. That’s all I can say. Served cold, this is jelly in every way


Beetroot with Cream Cheese, Raspberry, Strawberry, Balsamic

Probably my least favourite dish of the lot, the beetroot was diced into small bits to complement the strawberry sauce and cream cheese. The mixture of the sweet and sour flavour were in play, balanced by the crispiness of the waffle slices


Porcini with Mushroom Cappuccino, Porcini Powder, Chestnut

Light, sweet mushroom broth with chestnut bits at the bottom


Pumpkin with Salted Egg Yolk, Coconut, Taro, Paprika

I would say it will be very hard to like this dish if you are not a fan of salted egg yolk. The taste of the salted egg yolk outweighs everything, in order to complement the blend pumpkin bits


Lotus Root with Lotus Seed, Lotus Powder, Lily Bulb

Probably something unexpected, the lotus root was wrapped in a starch-like texture made with lotus powder. The broth was light and tasty and the lily bulb made it even better


Turnip with Carrot, Daikon, Tofu Skin, Hot & Sour Consomme



I honestly really liked this dish. I never see tofu skin in the same way. What’s more impressive is the hot & sour broth which is clear and yet still spicy


And the highlight of the meal




Truffle with Steamed Rice & Bamboo Shoot


It tasted like braised meat rice, and it’s awesome in every way


Pear with Osmanthus Sorbet, Pomelo

More like a palate cleanser, the pear juice was infused with the osmanthus sorbet to give a light, refreshing taste and the bits of pomelo at the end to balance the overall sweetness


Sesame Icecream, Matcha Pannacotta, Red Bean

Known as their outstanding dish, I think this presentation deserves a star on its own. Vanilla icecream in a thin black sesame shell but it tasted every bit of black sesame

And moving to Petite 4


Candied Cherries


Baked Chestnuts

I really enjoyed their rendition of walnuts, against the backdrop of real walnuts. It’s amazing


Chocolate Truffles


And Osmanthus Jelly, just cos, sweet endings

No doubt, the cuisine here is a marriage of Eastern and Western influences. There is a level of sophistication in each of the dishes and you will be surprised by how different vegetarian food can taste. Would I say it’s money well-spent? I think taking into consideration the ambience, the attentiveness of the staffs, the level of service and the quality of food, I would say it is. It’s probably not a place you dine every weekend but if you happen to be in Shanghai, this place is probably somewhere worth trying. And oh, they take reservations on Chope – makes life much easier 🙂

Fu He Hui

1037 Yuyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai

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