La Taperia – Elegant Spanish Fare by Les Amis Group

Operated by Les Amis Group, La Taperia is tucked away on the second floor of Shaw Centre. If you don’t walk past the area enough, you might just missed this easily. Was down for dinner on a Monday night and was surprised it was pretty crowded when we left. La Taperia served an extensive wine list, so long that I just decided to trust them to pick one for me. On hindsight, perhaps that was a mistake. They do serve an array of tapas as well though you don’t probably see some of them on typical Spanish menu

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Croquetas De Jamón $15

Croquette of Suckling Pig Bechamel & Jamon Iberico

Croquettes, for me seems to be a common tapas dish that I would order cos they are easy to eat and good to start and it’s not easy to taste good croquettes. I have to admit the croquettes here have good texture, but I can’t taste much of the suckling pig flavour nor the crunch of the ham

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Huevos Estrellados Con Patatas Paja, Chorizo, Pimiento Del Piquillo Y Champiñones $18

Fried Egg with Iberico Chorizo, Piquillo Red Pepper, Mushrooms & Straw Potatoes

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Well, I missed the photo before they mixed everything up. This felt like a popular dish to order. I like the combination of the egg, chorizo and the crispy potato. Though it does get a little oily and jelat after awhile

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Special: Grilled Octopus Leg with Green Peppers, Olives & Tomato

It was the only special dish that caught my eye. The octopus was beautifully grilled and the crunch and texture was perfect

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Caldereta Asturiana $36

Asturian Seafood Stew of Shrimps, Clams, Squid, Scallops & Rockfish

A very rich stew made with cayenne pepper and fish broth. The heavier taste of the fish broth might not suit well with everyone but I thought the stew was decent. The freshness of the seafood came through the broth and you can taste the overall sweetness of it

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Paella De Bogavante $78

Lobster Paella, Saffron, Runner Beans & Tomato

Probably not a dish you would order often cos of the price tag. The lobsters were really good. Grilled to a nice brown colour and the sweetness was overflowing. I like the flavour of the paella but I would prefer the rice a touch softer

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Marquesa De Chocolate $14

Chocolate Marquise Topped with Baked Almond Praline

Last to arrive was a chocolate dessert which really ended the meal on a sweet note. The richness of the chocolate and the slightly sticky texture with the crunch of the almond was perfect. Though I ended up regretting after the meal cos I was super full

I thought La Taperia served some pretty decent food though there might be some hits and misses but it is still worth checking out if you are in the area

La Taperia 

1 Scotts Rd, #02-10/11, Singapore 228208

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