Omu Singapore – All About Flowy Lava Eggs

People who have been to Kichi Kichi in Kyoto would have remembered the gooey flowy omurice that has captured all social media attention. Well, you can find one in Singapore now except Omu does not originate from Japan. The Thailand originated omurice restaurant opened its first outlet in Singapore in Suntec City. The tiny shop located near Esplanade mrt exit has a steady line of queue when we visited. Space is limited, tables are crammed and definitely not a place you would like to sit in and stay for long. The shop probably didn’t expect such a turnout when they opened

Snapseed 2

And they seat you in only when all parties arrive

The omurice menu is pretty similar. They have a set of toppings catered in different sauces. So means you can find omurice with sausages in tomato sauce, demiglace sauce and curry sauce. But seriously, sausages?!


Demiglace Sauce Omurice with Pork Burger $13.80

They had a choice of pork or beef. We wanted the beef but it was not available so we went for the pork. The meat was pretty okay and forgettable. I like the sauce which wasn’t too sweet. We didn’t top up for the lava egg for this but the normal style egg was smooth and runny. The fried rice used here seems to taste a little nicer than the other one we ordered. Not too sure why


Tomato Sauce Omurice with Chicken Cutlets $12.80 (+$2 for Lava Style Egg)

Probably the most instagrammable dish here. The cutlets were pretty good. Nicely fried with tender meat and the batter wasn’t too thick so you don’t feel like you were just eating fried dough

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And the egg flows

Snapseed 3

The tomato sauce was okay, nothing fantastic. It seems pretty passable and tasted like typical Japanese tomato sauce. The fried rice is a little too sticky for my liking and lacked fragrance in my opinion. My only consolation was the chicken bits in the rice that gave some texture to an otherwise pretty normal omurice. The friend and I thought that the egg was actually not bad. Runny, sweet and flowy though one portion is probably enough

The food is alright I guess. I wouldn’t mind returning if the queue wasn’t long but this place is definitely not worth it if you have to stand and wait for more 15 minutes

Omu Japanese Omurice Restaurant

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-301A/301B

Suntec City Mall


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