Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar – The Chicken Saves It All

Taking over Big hotel at Middle road, Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar is an all-day dining venue occupying two levels of Hotel G. The space is big and airy and probably a good place to chill for the hotel guests and people looking to wind down after work. They have a weekend brunch menu as well where you can pick a maximum of 2 dishes per selection, so 8 courses in total. We were really tempted to go for it cos it seems value-for-money but thankfully we decided to go for the ala carte menu in the end




Flat White $5

The coffee took awhile to come, which was strange since I doubt they were designing the latte art and the coffee tasted at most normal. I think my Nespresso at home tasted better


Craft Your Eggs $12

Served with Toasts, Potatoes, Baked Beans, Seasonal Vegetables

The big plate makes the whole thing quite sad. And honestly the presentation does not make it appetizing either. I rather they had used a smaller plate to minimize the empty spaces so at least, it’s looks like a full big breakfast


Breakfast Burgers $10

Served with Bacon, Emmental Cheese on Freshly Baked Brioche Buns with Roasted Potatoes

The breakfast burger was actually not bad, though it would feel more like a burger if they had more protein in it


Poached Eggs and Merguez $12

2 Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce, Cumin Cream, Served with Crispy Potatoes & Lamb Sausages

Probably something different from their breakfast menu, we like how the sauce complements the potatoes and sausages, though it might get a little jelat if you are having the whole plate to yourself


Buttermilk Pancakes with Whipped Cream and Syrup $13

Another sad looking presentation. Perhaps they could consider enhancing their pancakes with more toppings. This dish looks very amateur even though we admit the pancakes tasted pretty good


Tagliatelle Salmon $15

Creamy White Wine Sauce, Salmon, Poached Egg

Hmm, the pasta lacked flavours and were a little hard on the texture


Mac & Cheese $15

Ham and Gruyere, Bechamel Sauce


Whole Rotisserie Chicken served with Salad & Roasted Potatoes $26

Probably the only redemption of our meal, we really enjoyed the chicken. Though we might be a little more comforted if they don’t use the SAME roasted potatoes in all their dishes

On hindsight, I was glad we didn’t go for their brunch menu cos the food ain’t that fantastic. The only consolation is that prices here are really reasonable, but then again if they were to charge a little more expensive I’m not sure if anyone will return. Definitely a place with lots of improvement to do, and not a place I’ll enthusiastically return

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

200 Middle Road, S(188980)

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