Kin Moo – Affordable Thai Dining at Bugis

Towards the end of Tan Quee Lan street lies a small unappealing shopfront. Kin Moo specialises in Thai street noodles so you can expect to find your wanton mee, tom yum noodles, pork knuckle noodles and also a different type of selection known as Cha Kang Rao noodle which reminds me of Thai-style minced meat noodles. The restaurant also serves a variety of various dishes which you can add on to your selection. For those who have been to Thailand, the taste of Thai-style wanton mee will leave a deep impression of the lard-coated noodles and to find a similar one in Singapore seems to be a difficult mission (though honestly I’m not a very big fan of wanton mee, whichever style)


Thai Style Wanton Noodles $7.90

The friend gave the wanton mee a try, which was decorated with much pork lard and an amount of Thai fried garlic

FullSizeRender 3

I thought the noodles tasted pretty decent, coated with a thin layer of oil with an abundant of fragrance. But the friend said this was below her expectations :/ Maybe I’m just not a wanton mee person


But I do enjoy the small serving of white radish soup that comes along

FullSizeRender 2

Thai Basil Pork Rice with Egg $7.90 (+$1)

A very common staple dish, I felt like the minced meat could have more of the fragrance of the basil to give that punch


Glass Noodle Salad with Minced Meat $7.90

I enjoyed the kick of spiciness with a balance of lime. The overall flavour comes together quite nicely but it was just a little too much vegetables for me


Tom Yum Soup $12.90


A generous amount of ingredients in it, the tom yum soup is towards the sourish side. Perhaps we could have chosen the ‘More Spicy’ option


Deep Fried Chicken Wings $7.90

The chicken wings were nicely fried with a very crisp skin and it goes well with the chilli sauce. Though I think the meat felt a little bland in contrast

Overall, Kin Moo serves some pretty decent Thai food at an affordable price. With 2 other Thai eateries along the same stretch, it felt like diners are spoilt for choices. I think Kin Moo is worth visiting, and the accessibility of the location is a plus point as well

Kin Moo

2 Tan Quee Lan Street,

#01-02, S(188091)


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