Hong Kong Wanton Noodle @ Plaza Singapura

Located at the basement of Plaza Singapura, this Wanton noodle place by Itacho Sushi aims to give Singaporeans a taste of authentic Hong Kong Wanton Noodles. This probably isn’t the most inspiring name and you might just walk past the restaurant without giving a second glance. The interior mimics what you typically see in a Hong Kong char chang teng with bright colours and wooden furnishing. The menu is a pretty no-brainer with wanton/dumplings as its main draw and some rice and congee selection as well



The cutlery being located inside the drawer

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Prawn Wanton Noodle (S) $6.80

You get to select your choice of noodles from the standard yellow noodles, thick noodles, rice noodles & hor fan at no extra charge

The soup reminded us of eating prawn noodles with a sweet, robust flavour. The wanton was okay and well, the noodles tasted like rice noodles. Perhaps we should have ordered the yellow noodles on hindsight

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Prawn Dumplings with Soup $7.80

The dumplings on the other hand tasted much better


Thin skin, succulent prawns and abundance of vegetables


Can I add that it went damn well with this chilli

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Pork Meat Ball Congee $6.80

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The congee was nothing to rave about. The friend say Imperial Treasure’s tasted better

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Pig’s Trotter in Red Fermented Beancurd Sauce Noodles $7.80

Probably the saddest bowl among the ones we ordered. The pig trotter had no meat. So it was just fats and skin. The friend ended up just eating hor fan for dinner. It was a very sad dinner for her

Perhaps it was an attempt to fight a pie of Hong Kong wanton noodles in Singapore. But in all honesty, there isn’t anything special about it and I think we had gone past the time of being crazy over Hong Kong wanton noodles. It’s probably time to move on and introduce a new concept to the Singapore food scene

Hong Kong Wanton Noodle

68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura


Singapore 238839

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