Botanico at The Garage – Beautiful Food at Botanic Gardens

Botanico, helmed by Chef Antonio Oviedo occupies the second level of The Garage, a white-washed colonial building in Botanic Gardens. Dining here feels like discovering a hidden find amidst the lush greenery just cos it’s rather ulu. We got in by cabbing and wells, we got out by cabbing as well. Though I have to admit the space is beautiful, makes the perfect place to hold a wedding. The interior is minimalist and green with an outdoor bar area that is the perfect place to chill


FullSizeRender 3


The outdoor area


Calamaritos $14

Crispy Baby Squid with Seaweed Aioli

The friends got the calamari to start cos they were too hungry waiting for me. The calamari were lovely. Distinctively tasty and crispy. The squirt of lime makes it perfect

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Foie Gras w Green Apple, Wild Rocket & Turnip $25


The presentation looks like an art. Love the crunchiness of the wild turnip with the foie gras. My only concern was that the exterior of the foie gras was too dry, though that dryness reduces the oiliness of the foie gras


Japanese Scallops with Topinambur, Iberico Lardo & Samphire $30

Beautiful scallops with a touch of brown. Love the crispy Topinambur that provided the crunch

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Chargrilled Carabinero $35

Scarlet Prawns with Saffron Mellow Rice & Pork Trotters


The rice was flavourful, topped with crispy pork trotters that gave the overall flavour a touch of oiliness, finished with the fragrance of pine nuts. Though I would appreciate if they could have just given one more prawn

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Chargrilled Tajima Wagyu Flank with Spring Onions, Romescu & Ratte Potato $40

The doneness of the meat was nicely executed, with flavours on point

In all honesty, the food was good. But the portion was really too small. Considering I eat like a bird (as they friends always say) and I have to say the portion is small, then the portion must be really damn small. You probably have to order 2 starters, 3 mains and 1 dessert (for 2 pax) to fill 70% full. If I have to sum up Botanico; A tastefully-designed place that serves food which is elegant and sophisticated in tasting portion in a sanctuary of its own

Botanico at The Garage

50 Cluny Park Road (Level 2)

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 257488

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