Sunday Folks – Spring 2017

Sunday Folks recently launched their new Spring menu. After a failed first visit cos we went on a day the team had their retreat, we made it a point to return again to try their new flavours. The menu consisted of a plated desserts, a parfait and 2 sets with either Azuki or Hazelnut icecream which you can choose from. Both the Spring Medly and Azuki & Madagascan Vanilla Icecream Trifle are only limited to 10 sets per day so if you are really dead set on trying, do go early

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Azuki & Madagascan Vanilla Icecream Trifle $12

Azuki and Madagascan Vanilla Icecream layered with Chiffon Sponge, Sago & Kuromitsu sauce, Matcha White Chocolate sauce and Strawberries, garnished with edible Kogiku Petals and Matcha Soil

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That was a very long description. The Azuki icecream wasn’t quite what we imagined. It was light and faint with hints of red bean taste. It felt like a either you love it or hate it flavour. The black sugar syrup gave an overall sweetness to the dish with the sponge and strawberries some texture. Honestly, it didn’t really impress me but I thought it was okay. And considering we went at 830pm at night and this was still available since only 10 sets are available, either this was not very popular or the sets are replenished for the evening crowd

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Earl Grey with Pumpkin Seeds Brittle & Blueberries $7.90

Earl Grey, always  an old time favourite. So delightful, especially with those pumpkin seeds brittle

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Hazelnut Milk Chocolate with Granola and Dulcey Cat Tongue $15

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How we love the milk hazelnut. It felt like ferrero rocher blended into icecream. It was remarkably awesome. Sitting on top the charcoal waffle biscuits and with those crispy waffles, it’s definitely one to try

Sunday Folks remains one of my favourite waffles/icecream place. And I like how they come out with new flavours so that we can keep going back. Though not all might necessarily be a hit, but I think it is still definitely a place that is worth heading back

Sunday Folks

44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-52

Chip Bee Gardens, S(278116)

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