Brother Bird – Serving Soft Serve and Mochi Donuts

Brother Bird has been on the list to try for some time, and I’m glad we finally made it down one day. By the people behind Stateland Cafe (famous for their waffles), Brother Bird serves artisanal soft serve and flavours are rotated as well, so that you can try more than what they could offer

Cookie Butter Soft Serve with Earl Grey Mochi Donuts $15

I’m in love with their mochi donuts. Served warm and chewy, it has a good balance and texture to it, without being too overwhelming. The friend loves their cookie butter icecream but I thought it was too creamy for me

Raspberry Burst $15

Tried their watermelon soft serve with raspberry donuts as well. Refreshing taste of watermelon without being too sweet, it complements the donuts very well

I like the subtle sourness of the raspberry flavour, balanced with the overall sweetness. But what elevates the dessert was the assortment of almond brittle. Such crunch and sweet texture that was addictive and complementary

Definitely another choice of dessert if you are sick of waffles and icecream, but if you cannot make up your mind on what to eat, you can still have the best of both worlds at Brother Bird with menu by Stateland as well

Brother Bird

32 Bali Lane, S(189868)

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